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Luis Herrera

A native of Caracas Venezuela, Chef Luis Herrera has made a substantial impact on the New York City hospitality industry. Working at Cosme, Blanca, Alto and Roebling Tea Room, Luis has an extensive background in MICHELIN restaurants. 

In 2013, Luis received a Culinary Masters Degree from Centro de Estudios Gastronómicos (CEGA) in Caracas, Venezuela. Shortly after, he began an externship at the accredited Alto. With one of Latin America’s 50 best restaurants under his belt,  he moved to New York City and became apart of the opening team at Cosme. With his help, the team at Cosme landed a three star rating by the New York Times as well as the best restaurant in New York City in 2015.  Along with this accolade, in 2017 San Pellegrino’s 50 Best Restaurants in the World ranked Cosme at #40. With a three year tenure at this prestigious institution, Luis moved on to work at 2 MICHELIN star restaurant Blanca as Tournant. Utilizing his  his master’s degree to the fullest extent, Luis covers various stations of Blanca’s restaurant such as saucier, poissonnier, and garde manger. 

While primarily dedicating his focus to fine dining, Luis also has a passion for culinary pop-ups as well as private events. Notable endeavors include: Taste Like Parranda, Brunch Gozon, Market to Table, and Latin Bites. Lastly, Luis is co-founder and Executive Chef of his own venture at  Venezuelan Pantone which is a food delivery service for traditional Venezuelan food. 

Throughout his career, Luis has split his time between Venezuelen and New York City kitchens, thus melding the flavors of each culture.  He enjoys bringing this fusion to every menu he curates. 

Accredited Restaurants

Tournant | Blanca - Brooklyn, New York

2 Michelin Star

Commis Chef | Alto Restaurant - Caracas, Venezuela 

Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants

Sous Chef | Cosme - New York City

3 star rated New York Times

#40 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017

Other Culinary Experience

Co-founder | Venezuelan Pantone - New York City

Commis Chef | Ceviches 2.0 Catering Company - Caracas, Venezuela

Commis Chef | Beto Catering Company - Caracas, Venezuela

Commis Chef | Lighthouse Restaurant - Brooklyn, New York

Commis Chef | Zizi Limona Restaurant - Brooklyn, New York

Commis Chef | Roebling Tea Room - Brooklyn, New York

Commis Chef | Hospoda - New York City

Commis Chef | Rockaway Taco - Queens, New York

Commis Chef | Caracas Arepa Bar - Queens, New York


Executive Chef | Brunch Gozon - Brooklyn, New York 

Partner | Placeinvader - New York City

Commis Chef | Leisurely App -  New York City

Commis Chef | Taste like Parranda - Brooklyn, New York

Commis Chef | Market to Table - New York City

Commis Chef | Latin Bites - New York City

Commis Chef | Chateau de Capitaine - Brooklyn, New York

Commis Chef | The Bare Table - New York City

Hospitality Operations

Consultant | Barrio Chino - New York City